ATYA(Asian Alliance of Festivals and Theatres for Young Audiences),亞洲兒童及青少年劇場暨藝術節聯盟,為亞洲一兒童與青少年之國際表演藝術節網絡聯盟。


  1. 在亞洲推廣以兒童及青少年為主體之國際表演藝術藝術節
  2. 加強藝術節成員之間的聯繫,並藉藝術家之間的交流增強亞洲兒童及青少年戲劇之品質
  3. 透過發展亞洲兒童及青少年戲劇對世界兒童及青少年戲劇貢獻一己之力
  4. 透過介紹亞洲兒童及青少年戲劇推廣亞洲文化之獨特
  5. 去認識到下一代亞洲藝術家之重要性以及為其建立活動之基礎
  6. 創造,管理並分享亞洲藝術家資訊並鼓勵藝術家之間的交流

會員 Members

ricca ricca*festa (沖繩/日本)

ricca ricca*festa (International Theater Festival OKINAWA for Young Audiences) is an international performing arts for children, young people and families which has taken place in Okinawa since 2005. Every year the festival invite about 30 outstanding productions from all over the world and also organised international co-productions, residency programmes and symposiums. It is a popular summer event for local families, while it is an active platform for artists as the festival attracts international presenters and professionals due to its high reputation with the quality programme.

The festival had been organised with the nickname ‘Kijimuna Festa’ between 2005 and 2013 in Okinawa City, which is located in the middle part of Okinawa Island. In 2014, the festival moved its venue to Naha City, the capital of Okinawa Prefecture, and launched the new nickname ‘ricca ricca*festa’ in 2015.

‘ricca ricca’ means “Let’s go” in Okinawan dialect.

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ASSITEJ is an international association of theatre for children and young people founded in 1965. It now connects more than three thousand theatre companies from eighty three countries around the world. The Korea office was founded in 1982 and holds 144 members that include theatre companies, playwrights, academics, and producers.

ASSITEJ Korea hosts International Summer Festival to present international and domestic productions and Winter Festival to present domestic productions.


Festival PUM (華城市/韓國)

In the middle of summer, performing arts festival is held in a small farming village.

In addition to the theatre, dance and music genre, a special mud flat performance and Asian artists residency performance are ready to be enjoyed.

In the daytime, you can take a rest in Baramgol(Wind valley) and play in the eco pond. Or you can surprised by a sudden water shower from sprinkler.

Let’s have a camping and endless chatting with the artists in the midsummer night.

Especially, the Asian artists from India, Bangladesh and so on will join you.

As one of the leading festival in Asian region, Festival PUM is the member of ATYA(Asian Alliance of Theatre for Young Audiences) and ARTEN(Asia Regional Theatre and Education Network).


GITF (金泉市/韓國)

GITF(Gimcheon International Theater Festival for Family) is the largest theater festival in Korea that focuses on the theme of the family. Since it was founded in 2002, GITF presents highly acclaimed international and Korean performing arts under the motto of “Family, the foundational force that moves the world” every summer.

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CAPA (北京/中國)

China Association of Performing Arts (CAPA) – Children’s Performing Arts Committee is an organization that has reached out to over 135 million children through their expertise in theatre arts. CAPA is interested in bringing quality performances from around the world to perform and inspire the audiences of China.

The different members of CAPA are engaged in producing, performing, and marketing in the field of children’s music, dance, theatre, folklore, acrobatics and others. The members of the committee are located in cities accross China. Their artistic productions and the number of performances takes up 90% of the Chinese children’s performing arts market share. For the last two years, including all existing members of CAPA, CAPA performed over 10,000 shows each year.

One of the missions of CAPA is to establish a platform and bridge for international cultural exchange in order to promote Chinese children’s productions internationally. From June to August in 2015, the first edition China International Children Theatre Education Festival was held by the Children’s Performing Arts Committee of CAPA. The Festival was held in 12 Chinese cities at the same time with over 400 performances and activities. Our overall attendance for the festival exceeded 200,000 people. Children and parents from all over China watched over 20 Chinese and foreign performances. The festival will be held annually from 2016. All friends and performers from around the world are welcomed to join in the Festival.

CAPA has shouldered the responsibility of uniting domestic Children’s theatrical arts organizations, devoted itself to upholding and promoting Chinese culture, and strived to create a level playing field for sustainable performance markets.


上海國際兒童藝術節 (上海/中國)

As established in 2004. Shanghai International Children’s Theatre Festival was the first International theatre festival for children in China.Between 2004 and 2009, the Festival was held once a year in the summer vacation. It changed to once every two years after the EXPO in 2010. By 2015, the Festival has already been held for 9 times. 79 shows from 50 different children’s theatres and puppet theatres in 21 countries and regions have been invited to perform in Shanghai, 80% of which were debut show in China. Over the past 11 years, about 360 performances were organized in theatres and community centers. More than 200 thousands of audiences were entertained. Besides Shanghai, more than 30 shows were performed in Nanjing, Shenyang, Fujian, Beijing and Yangzhou.


Dot Go/ AACED (高雄/臺灣)

The Association for Artistic Creativity and Education Development(AACED) is a nonprofit organization established in December 2015.

The main goal of the association is the development and promotion of various artistic creation and art education. The Association also provides a platform for the communication and cooperation among outstanding talents and teams in Taiwan and abroad.

“Taiwan Dot Go Children’s Art Festival” is Association’s significant activity which takes place every two years in Kaohsiung. Various of activities such as professional theater performance, forums and workshops are included in the festival. It is hoped that many artistic practitioners can set up a forum of face to face dialogue through the festival.


明日藝術教育機構 (香港)

“Ming Ri Institute for Arts Education” has been set up in 2002 after renaming from “Ming Ri Theatre Company”. Having experienced different stage of attempt — the amateur drama group “Anonymity Dramatic Club” in 1984 and Hong Kong’s first professional children theatre company “Ming Ri Theatre Company” in 1996, the institute has been developed to a non-profit-making charitable organization emphasizing the importance of both arts and education in the 21st century.

We deeply believe that the art of drama is a key element to cultivate creativity, ability of problem solving, abstract thinking and the sense of cooperation. All these are the characteristics of a “all-rounded person”.

Ming Ri Institute for Arts Education provides services of the following fields: “Children Play”, “Pedagogy”, “Puppetry Arts”, and “Exchange and Curatorship”.

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ACE! (新加坡)

Conceived in 2009 with the aim of celebrating, promoting, inspiring and simulating creativity and artistry in families and children aged 2 to 18, the festival was created based on I Theatre’s vision to provide a platform for individuals and groups both local and international, to showcase their creativity in Singapore. The locally centred festival is a month-long of enriching experiences, promoting family togetherness in a melting pot of positive and top quality total arts experience using Singapore’s finest talents and the best internationally. The festival boasts a variety of top quality theatre productions, carefully selected creative workshops and exciting fringe events for the whole family.

ACE! Festival has been increasingly gaining prominence not just in Singapore but also the region. Over the years, the number of audience and participants from schools and the public has been rising steadily. Since its inception, ACE! Festival has seen more than 60,000 audience members and participants.


Shenzhen Little Orange Castle Cultural Communications (深圳/中國)

We have our own marketing and distribution channels. As the leading children’s play production company with 26 exclusive copyright of the projects, we have performed more than 4000 shows in more than 120 cities. In addition, our company has more than 10 self-owned theatres in different popular cities in China. Therefore, our company has huge advantage in the platform provision. Secondly, we are running Little Orange Castle Children’s Art Troupe, our five main products at current include: Weekend Children Theatre, Micro Theatre, Creative Experience Museum, Theatre Tour, and Customized Business Performance. Please contact us for further information if you interested in any of the products.


The A.S.K. (上海/中國)

The A.S.K (Art Space for Kids) is the only smart studio theatre for kids (aged 0-12) and the families in China. We present the top-notch international productions for young audience and their family in the intimate ambience (up to 150 seats with in-depth interaction);Our audience enjoy the selected immersive theatres with cross-generational appeal in the most relaxing but engaged way.

What we do can be concluded into 4 parts:

• Main Stage Performances( handpicked from all over the world)
• Academy of Creativity( workshop and summer camps)
• International Residency Projects
• Commissioned Works 


Philippines Educational Theater Association (馬尼拉/菲律賓)

The Philippine Educational Theater Association or PETA was established in 1967 as a non-stock, non-profit organization composed of artist-teachers dedicated to the pursuit of theater for people’s development. Considered as one of the pioneers of contemporary Filipino Theater in the Philippines, we have produced more than 400 plays, mostly originals and in the language, outlook and spirit that is Filipino, tackling issues relevant to its audiences.  As an educational institution, we have trained artists, young people, teachers and non-artists who believe in the power of theater to unleash people’s creativity. We manage our own Theater Center, a creativity hub for its members, partners and networks.


Shanghai NineDu Theatre Organisation (上海/中國)

NineDu is devoting to making play and theatre education for kids in Shanghai, China since 2013. Ninedu held MIANYANG International Festival for Children 2016 in China, which is the biggest festival in the west of China.


北京微光盒子文化有限公司 (北京/中國)

Beijing Lightbox Culture & Arts Co., Ltd. is committed to be the responsible pioneer with great attitude, brilliant vision and high professional standard of the international children’s theater. Lightbox is focusing on children and young theater art. We aim to be the professional of international children’s theater, and the guidance for imported children’s theater into China. Meanwhile working on creating high-quality original children’s theater. In addition, Lightbox also carries out children’s drama activities and drama culture parent-offspring activities to stimulate children’s enthusiasm for innovation, exploration and learning as well as help them grow by developing interests, building personality and perceiving the world through the art of theater.

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五感感知教育劇場 (香港)

H.K. Five Senses Education Theatre (HK) is the first and only that focus professional stage for toddler and preschoolers in Hong Kong. We was invited by Hong Kong Repertory Theatre and co-operated, and recently we invited Polyglot Theatre ( Australia) to co-workshop to lead the baby theatre culture development in Hong Kong. Also, we have been invited to perform in different cities in China.

Our company draws the public’s awareness by creating innovate UNIQUE theatre art of sensory childcare theatre performances【Sensory Stimulation x Sensory Interactive Scenes x Non-Verbal (Multimedia and Physical theatre) x Multimedia x Story】.Our creation subverts a textual traditional leading figure and awake human innate sensory perception ability, as the starting point.

Five Senses Education Theatre(HK) has a successful development on baby-childcare theatre culture by making it bloom in Hong Kong, We started to develop a strong reputation for working with very young, community, cities.


五感劇團的作品屬原創及高水準的嬰幼兒劇目,曾與香港話劇團合作,開拓感官x戲劇實驗,帶領推廣嬰幼兒劇場文化,以「無言(形體及多媒體)x 感官(刺激)x 互動(感覺統合)」為切入點,建構深層故事(中心思想),開墾「無界限」觀演文化,創作出突破年齡、語言、能力需要的感官劇場,作品獨一無二、嶄新及具前瞻性,並獲得業介及觀眾關注。